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100 Words a Day

100 Words per Day ChallengeAfter months of dedicated procrastination, it’s time to get back to some writing.  Rather than outlining an epic tale or attempting to flesh out the ideas for a short story (both of which I accomplish by leaning back in my favourite recliner with my eyes closed), I have decided to keep my expectations low.  It’s worked for my wife, so it should work for me.

The challenge: 100 words a day.

That shouldn’t be a problem for a garrulous galoot like myself – except for that danged propensity toward procrastination. Heck, some tweets approach the 100 word mark.  Even this meager post exceeds the 100 word mark and it only took me a few minutes to bang out.  I am hoping that by actually publishing the challenge and pretending that someone will actually read this, I will be shamed into abandoning my procrastinating ways.  It isn’t the amount of words written that is important, it is the fact that I can develop a habit of daily writing.

I will be posting here semi- regularly with updates as to how the challenge is going.  Feel free to join me in the challenge, I would like the company.

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Just do it. I like it.

    I am in for your challenge, however my results will be somewhat more visual than yours. But Let’s compare our progress in a month or so.

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