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It’s Alive!

November 5, 2014 1 comment

After many moons of absence, I’ve decided to try and get my blog going again. I’ve got a WIP (a novel) and I’ll be posting about the process of editing and (hopefully) submitting for publication. Everything is shiny and new because I’ve never done any of this before. Stay tuned!

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OneNote on iPhone

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

The end of the world is nigh, Microsoft is developing iOS apps!

Well, here’s something of a surprise — Microsoft has just brought its OneNote app to the iPhone, and it’s made it available as a free download “for a limited time” to boot. As with the Windows Phone 7 app (previously the only mobile version), the iPhone app will let you manage notes and shopping lists (and even add pictures taken with the iPhone’s camera), and then sync those with Windows Live SkyDrive so you can access them in either the Windows desktop application or its web-based counterpart. As ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley notes, however, perhaps just as interesting as the app itself is the question of what else might follow — a native OneNote app for iPad, perhaps, or even iOS versions of other Office applications? Microsoft unsurprisingly isn’t commenting on those possibilities, but it did note that the OneNote app is the culmination of some 18 to 24 months of development from a team of Microsoft Mac Office and OneNote engineers, which is either a sign of some serious slacking or a fairly significant commitment on Microsoft’s part. No word on when the “limited” free period will run out (so you’ll probably want to grab it while you can), nor is there any world on a worldwide release — it’s currently only available to US users, unfortunately.

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What, Dave? In the wilds of Georgian Bay at Craganmor Point, with no Internet connection for a week? Well, not exactly ‘the wilds’. With a microwave, hot and cold running water and restaurant (yes, a restaurant) we aren’t exactly braving the wild frontiers with nothing but a swiss army knife and a ball of twine. And, I did manage to find a wireless connection that is usable, but all too reminiscent of dial-up.  It’s painful, but not nearly as painful as complete ‘net withdrawal.

Day one was interesting. There was a water pressure problem that caused the shower to be a less than invigorating experience. I described it as  being pissed on by a guy with a prostrate problem and a mild fever. Not the greatest mental picture, but a good analogy to the experience. To their credit, it was fixed within an hour. Don’t get me wrong, the resort is fantastic, this was just a minor bump that makes for a bit of colour in a blog post – I would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking to get away from it all, without having to suffer complete tech withdrawal.

The scenery is spectacular, the weather is superb, the staff treating us like royalty – making it virtually impossible for me to picture nasty denizens crawling out of the forests.  Even the kids are polite and quiet.  My next story may be about vampires that love the sun, play Canasta and volunteer at the Red Cross.

In amongst all the great weather and relaxation, I did manage to get an idea from a Robert Silverberg article in Asimov’s about a small town in Florida where the pastor declared the town a ‘Satan-free zone’ and actually had the proclamation supported by the mayor. I wonder what would happen if Satan (or one of his minions) showed up with the ACLU to contest that?

The sun is shining, beer is cold and waves are lapping the shoreline. Now, if the kids would only dig up a body on the beach…

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The Tombs

Added a new feature to the blog – The Tombs – you can now read some of my stories that haven’t found a home.  The one that I posted today – Third Base – is a favorite of mine, although editors disagree.  I submitted it to many, many places that turned it down. I still like it – let me know what you think of it.

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Procrastination – Round 1

I stayed home from work today in order to get some work done for a course that I am teaching this fall.  Instead, I started a blog.

I think  I am becoming a procrastination junkie.

If I attempt to sit down and write, I end up surfing the ‘net – in the name of ‘research’ for the story.  If I attempt to work on my course for the fall, I spend hours setting up virtual machines and networks in new and novel ways, but not setting out any sort of organized lesson plan.  If I attempt to get some yard work done on a beautiful sunny day, I end up on the deck with a cool drink as I carefully assess the pros and cons of each approach to the yard work.  My preferred method of completing yard work (getting my wife to do it) hasn’t materialized yet.  I guess I need more planning and/or jewelry.

I am hoping that this blog will spur me to write a little more frequently (albeit, not more eloquently) and even garner a few people who may find my stories (and blatherings) interesting in some way.  Feel free to comment, flame, or yawn at anything you find here.  That way I’ll know you’re procrastinating too.

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